Couple Therapy Partnership

Relationship and couple therapy in Plymouth, Devon.

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a talking therapy that focuses on two people working together on their relationship in a committed way.

It could be that you and your partner are trying to progress things in your relationship. Or it might be that you want to get back something that’s been lost, move on from an upset, or end things with the least possible disruption for your children.

Couple therapy in Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon. Couple counselling. Couple's therapy.

Couples therapy could help you with:

  • Establishing clearer communication between you and your partner
  • Agreeing new ways forward from upset and conflict
  • Reconnecting with hopes you had for your relationship
  • Feeling more understood and understanding each other.
  • Making decisions about your relationship ending with minimum disruption.

Our approach

In our experience, most people want the best for their relationship, their children, and anyone else affected by changes. A long conflict can make a fight out of what could be a discussion but we believe that couples also have experience of more positive and productive ways of resolving differences.

We frequently work as a co-therapy pair. This can provide a better balance between genders or positions and generates twice the amount of thinking and ideas. Typically one of us might take the lead with the other making sure that each person was heard and their concerns attended to.

As systemic (relationship) therapists we are more curious about the current relationship and possibilities for movement than in historic events from early life. Whilst it can be important to acknowledge experiences of hurt, we focus more on possible positive ways forward.

Any notes made are fully available to you and any sharing of thinking or ideas about your situation is with you, so ways forward have been agreed by all.

Couple therapy in Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon. Couple counselling. Couple's therapy.

Who we are

We are Mark Hayward and Dr Fiona Miller. We have both been practising for many years as qualified and registered systemic (relationship) psychotherapists.

We’ve worked together for over 20 years, developing an ethical approach that is conscious of cultural and gendered pressures and expectations. We’re also both registered with UKCP and AFT.

As the Couple Therapy Partnership, we offer couples therapy in Plymouth, as well as online via video chat.

What to expect

Therapy and counselling can seem like a big step, so we want to make it as straightforward as possible. Here’s how it typically goes:

  1. You send us an email and we’ll arrange a free initial phone call.
  2. We’ll then meet you online or in our Plymouth premises to talk about your situation and how we might be able to help.
  3. You and your partner can take your time to discuss things and let us know if you’d like a further appointment.

Appointments last around one hour and cost £90.

Couple therapy in Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon. Couple counselling. Couple's therapy. Relationship therapy.

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